Insta-benchtm Testimonials

I have searched for something like this. Now I can get rid of my board and 2 milk crates I used to lug around" - Wendy, Insta-bench Customer #0001

"I am eager to get your fantastic benches in to as many hands (and beneath behinds) as need them, and with the winter weather already here, the sooner the better!!!"
- Laura, Vancouver, B.C.

"We love our Insta bench, it's such a handy item. Soccer in the rain can be miserable, our 6 seat Insta-bench is the perfect width for our canopy. Our subs don't have to stand in the rain. Players stay warm while playing, but subs have no where to go while waiting to go in. The Insta-bench gives players coming out a place to catch their breath, have a drink and find their warm-ups. Blazing hot summer-time sun is just as bad, and again the Insta-bench gives shelter from the storm (or sun), congratulations on a great product, Ken Heartbreakers Soccer" - Ken, Vancouver, WA

"I purchased two Insta-benches at the Baker Blast tournament and, honestly, I have never had such a tool that has helped our team this much. The greatest invention, guaranteed to help any coach." - Tim, Bellevue, WA

"Thank you for your time on the phone and your fast email response! I am excited to present this bench to our coach!" - Cyrise A., Costa Mesa, CA

"Received our Insta-bench yesterday. They are awesome!!!! So easy to set up and take down. I think I will get plenty of questions about them. Hope you get lots of business and your company grows. Thanks again for working with me and my team."
- Mark, Arvada, CO


"Dear Insta-bench, Just received my Insta-bench and could have sold two more for you right then and there. A customer was in my office and the courier driver both asked where they could get one. When you have a moment, please put a package price together for a dozen benches. Congratulations on a very clever idea to help coaches keep track of their substitutes during the game" - Peter, Surrey, B.C. Canada

Other Spontaneous Customer Comments

"This is the best thing I have seen in 43 years of coaching soccer"

"It's great! Now I know where my players are. They're not sitting on the ground or in their parents lap and they're ready to go"

"It's like a magic trick!" - Youth player at a tournament

"We don't want to encourage players to enjoy being on the bench, but we are amazed at how players have reacted to the Insta-bench. We often have kids coming by us in tournaments yelling out, "We love our Insta-bench, it's so cool!"


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